Juno Chase was born in Savior’s Landing, an underground city made up of doomsday bunkers, and life beneath the earth is all she’s ever known. In her sixteen years she’s never seen the moon, smelled the electricity of a thunderstorm, heard the crash of waves, or even pet a dog. 

The one thousand souls who live in Savior’s Landing know that everything on Earth perished during The Great Collapse—a horrifying virus followed by panic and nuclear bombs, and then finally, societal annihilation. So now, Juno spends her days pulling green life from the rocky soil surrounding her underground home, and dreaming about the warmth of the sun on her skin.

When Juno’s father, Viggo, the brilliant creator of Savior’s Landing, does the unthinkable to one of the poorest families—Juno’s friends begin to disappear one by one—creating a chaos that threatens to unravel Viggo’s tight-fisted control.

Juno’s quest for answers leads her on a journey to the Earth’s surface in order to learn if life still exists amongst the charred ruins.

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