Sometimes my magic comes in the dark of the night as I stumble and tuck and soothe and repeat. I have caught my magic by it’s tail as I pushed someone higher and higher, ignoring the tempting buzz in my pocket that would take me away. It arrives at times when I’m driving and the …

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  “My mad at you!” My two-year-old says to me. She crosses her arms and deep grooves appear in her forehead. And what in the world is she wearing? She does look mad, actually. Adorable, but mad. “Why are you mad at me, sweetie?” “You working!” “You are mad at me because I’m working?” I …

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I am so excited to be featured on Mamalode today! I wrote a version of this story to share at Robb’s grandparents’ memorial service, so it’s close to my heart. This a picture from our own collection of magical rocks. I met my husband’s Grandparents when I was 19. As we left their 100-year-old farm …

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A Day In The Life Of Mamalode

March 17, 2014

I had a great time taking over Mamalode’s Instagram site today for their #adayinthelifeofmamalode campaign. Here are the pictures that I shared throughout the day. Happy St. Paddy’s day everyone!


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