Hi. At 5:00 in the morning every day I am an aspiring author plugging along on my first series of books about a tree who becomes obsessed with a girl and will do anything to make her happy.

I am also a wife and a mom and an former physical therapist. I like to write about my kids because they won’t stop talking and my brain is mostly filled up with their words.

I live in the mountains in Colorado at 8500 feet. This is a wild and beautiful place to live but hard and oh my god the snow. I love to run the mountain trails that surround our house but I’m pretty constantly terrified of getting eaten by a mountain lion. Or trampled by a moose. Or chewed on by a bear. Strangely enough, the closest encounter that I have had with a ticked off creature was a deer. He looked pretty serious though.

When I’m not conquering my fears over wild animals, I work as a staff writer for Scary Mommy and I also write for a few other places on the interwebs including, The Huffington Post,  In The Powder Room, BabbleMamalodeMamapedia, and Dr. Greene.

I’m married to Robb, who is like an entrepreneur extraordinaire, world-changing, alternative energy super hero. Our 9 yo son has a tender heart and an old soul and a worrisome Minecraft addiction. Our little girl is a four-year-old whirling dervish of destruction and fun. She hates salad and clothes but she likes her brother and babies and getting into the car very slowly.

We sometimes spend time on a beach in California, the woods in the Black Hills, and on a farm in Minnesota to visit our far-flung families. My blog is more free-range and less helicopter, more organic than processed, more mountains than city, and more hippy than hipster.

You can email me at runningfrommountainlions (at) gmail (dot) com

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I am denver mama who found one of your articles on another site and I would love to republish it on 5280mama.com would contact me elaynaalexandra@me.com

  2. Linda says:

    My home town. Enjoyed your blog.

  3. I nominated your blog for a Liebster award. I hope it helps you get more readers!

  4. Laura Beltramo says:

    how are you an occasional physical therapist? I am a mommy of two young-ins and haven’t worked as a PT in about 4 and a half years. I would like to think about how to re-enter–best mommy accommodating job….ideas? thanks. p.s. love your writing too.

    1. joellewisler says:

      Hey Laura! I have seriously mastered the art of being an occasional PT. Right now I work at our local hospital on a Per Diem basis and I get 4-6 days in a month (mostly weekends so my husband is around). But in the past I have worked a ton of contract work in an outpatient setting, pretty much I covered other people’s vacations. So, it just depends on what kind of work you want to do!

  5. Ina Library says:

    Wow! Your zest for life and span of interests are inspiring! I love your positive energy and attitude!!! Can’t wait to read more!!

  6. sarah says:

    Love your blog! I live in a mountain lion infested neighborhood in Evergreen with my husband. I have accepted that they will be the death of me because I’m not going to stop enjoying the trails!

  7. Sandra Ponder says:

    Joelle, I googled “how to cope when your family supports Trump” your article about stages of grief when your family supports trump came up. I loved it ! The only problem is you wrote it before the election, can you re write #7 ?
    Desperately needing a way to cope ! How are you coping ?

  8. Jessie Masse says:

    I recently came across a great illustration on IG of a girl asking her mom what a nasty woman is. It had your website listed. Is this print for sale anywhere?

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