How to make a family video:

1. Have your kids each write a story. Give them a firm deadline. Watch them stress out about it.

2. Put the stories together in a kind of random way, because, well, all of the details were random.

3. Film them acting out their story. Take approximately 10,000 takes of each scene.

4. Realize part way through that your 4 yo doesn’t really know what is happening but she is having a great time anyway.

5. Splice together other random stuff, an Ugg boot, a clock, pots and pans, dad in a ski suit riding a plastic horse.

6. Laugh your ass off when you see the footage

7. Realize that your family is FOR SURE going to be YouTube stars.

8. Try to figure out how to set up a YouTube channel.

9. Spend many hours on post-production. Many, many hours.

10. POST IT!


Have fun watching our first family short film, Zip and Zap Fight The Gremlins!


2 thoughts on “Zip And Zap Fight The Gremlins

    1. joellewisler says:

      Thank you! It was fun to do!

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