Murphey’s Law of motherhood states that, “When you are on the first day of a long-anticipated vacation with your husband and you have nothing to do but get a massage and drink martinis as big as your face and your parents are watching your children and they have poor cellphone coverage THAT is when your son will fall on his face at school and the school nurse will call you because he is being monitored for a head injury AND THEN the school’s power will go out and the prinicipal will email you and it will be a shit-show for about 2 hours.”

Or something like that.

Yup. Robb and I got to travel to Portland, Oregon for SIX DAYS by ourselves.

We drank our weight in good beer.


I got suckered into running eight miles when I only wanted to run four. But I had a feeling that this was going to happen so it’s my own fault for agreeing to run behind a crazy person.


I had dinner with two AMAZING friends and laughed my ass off for four hours (thanks Sam and Joanna!)

I did end up getting a massage and I spent some time in a weird old hot springs which reminded me of the movie Cocoon. No really. I expected to see pods in the pool. It was totally bizarro-world.

We went to Hood River and I had to convince Robb that we weren’t going to pack up and move there right that moment because he loves beer and Hood River has the most amazing beer.

We missed the kids (kinda) and they didn’t miss us (at all.)

Here is my dad teaching Nora how to ballroom dance.


It was beautiful. I especially recommend Skamania Lodge (they aren’t paying me to say this-although maybe they should-I’ll get on that) We spent the last couple of days there and Oregon showed itself off.

And then we came back to cuddly kids and tired parents and SNOW. AHHH!

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2 thoughts on “We Went On A Trip And Didn’t Fall Off A Mountain

  1. This looks amazing! Not the part about the kid emergency, the run (OMG GORGEOUS), the beer, etc.

  2. Most enjoyable post and lovely photos.

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