I love the little mountain town where we live. I love it. I love that my kids can play outside in the forest and get dirty and have adventures that I don’t even know about.

But, life out here definitely has its challenges and its…quirks.

You know you live in a mountain town if…

1. You have ever, or ever thought about, having a live trap in your car for mice. Last week, we were on mouse number 8 (!)  and then 9 and 10 showed up the next morning curled up together in the trap eating the peanut butter. Where are they coming from?! I don’t know!

2. From April-June, you have a mud room, filled with actual mud.

3. You have ever had to turn around on a run because there was a moose standing directly on your path. We tried to convince the moose we met last week that he should move along, but he just stood there and stared at us. We took that to mean that he was happy right where he was so we…moved along.

4. Your kids own more bikes than shoes.

5. This is what your children’s playground equipment looks like:


And this:


And This:


6. Your kids know the correct procedure for any live animal encounter.

7. It’s June and you are only now switching out your studded snow tires, because it has only now stopped snowing.

8. You know the difference between what a stove fire smells like and what a forest fire smells like. And you know the exact number to call if you smell the second one.

9. You child begged for a mandolin for his birthday.


10. You belong to a Facebook group that is entirely dedicated to the conditions of the main road that takes you out of the mountains. And it’s one of the busiest groups there is.

11. Your kids learn at an early age that, while playing, they can never scream or yell, “Help me!” because those are saved for if they ever actually need help. Because…bears.

12. Your kids are dirty. All of the time.

13. Sometimes you feel like the fanciest person around if you simply show up and have all of your teeth.

14. Life is simple and filled up with a lot of sitting on your deck with friends.

15. And finally you know you live in the mountains when…there is a gondola in your backyard.



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4 thoughts on “You Know You Live In The Mountains When…

  1. JD says:

    Mandolins are a great kid’s instrument in my opinion. Their small size and tuning make them easier to start on than the guitar, yet a person can spend a lifetime playing and never stop learning. A great birthday gift that will keep on giving!

    1. joellewisler says:

      I TOTALLY agree. It has been the best thing ever.

    1. joellewisler says:

      I do. It’s a weird thing.

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