The Listen To Your Mother Show is pretty much what gave me that final nudge into writing a blog. I owe it, and Ann Imig who started the show, a lot. Ironically though, when show-time is in full swing I don’t have time to write anything, ever, except for maybe a to-do list for my husband who has to make sure that our children don’t starve.

What do I say? It was a success, it was all that we had hoped. Our cast did the show twice and killed it twice and I love that so many of my friends and family braved the snowy day to come hear our stories. The whole thing is heart-wrenching and lovely and people keep congratulating me, but really, it’s only a little bit about me. 1/12th to be exact. Because 12 of us stood behind the curtains together before the show and looked each other in the eyes and promised to hold each other up. And we did.

If you haven’t been to a show, find one and go to it next year. Or audition. Do it. It’s something that you can’t really explain until you are sitting in that audience and you realize that you are watching people tell these powerful, vulnerable stories in front of hundreds of…strangers. And you sit there and feel like those stories are your stories too.

So. I’ll let you all know when the videos come out and you can head over to our site to see more pictures of the cast.

But for now, I think the pictures will speak louder than I can.


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One thought on “Listen To Your Mother 2015

  1. It was a wonderful show. Congratulations Boulder!!

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