I’m so excited to up at In The Powder Room today! I’m talking about how Target and I have a complicated relationship.

Here’s a sneak peek!

Dear Target Changing Room,

I hate you. You are a lying liar and I don’t need your opinion on whether or not I should still be shopping in the juniors’ section. I’ll do what I want.

I naively went to you today with hope in my heart and a few cute flowered dresses under my arm. And maybe a jean vest but we won’t talk about that. Let’s just say I had a momentary lapse of judgment and a crazy flashback to staring at that cool girl in study hall in 1989.

I was feeling okay about myself until you came along. I was feeling great, actually, because I was in Target, without my kids. You heard me. No kids. Just moments before I had been frolicking down the aisles with the freedom that only grandparents can provide in two-hour increments.

Go over the In The Powder Room to check out the rest of my letter.

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