Oh wow. I sure opened up a can of worms with this one!

If you want to get in on the fun (and nasty comments!) head on over to Scary Mommy and read this one!

Here’s a peek…


Cousins sharing…their keen fashion sense.


Imagine this: You have just settled yourself down at your favorite coffee shop with a hot drink and you open up your laptop. A stranger walks up to you and says,

“Hey, let me have a turn on that thing.”

You say, “Um, no. This is MY laptop.”

He says, “No fair! It’s my turn!”

And then he goes and tells on you to the barista. The barista comes over and says, “OK, I think you’ve had enough time on the laptop. It’s time to give your friend a turn.”

And then she takes your laptop away from you. That’s crazy, right?

Well, that’s probably how our kids feel each time we make them share.

Here are 9 reasons why I won’t make my kids share with your kids:

1. I’m not rocking that boat. If my child is absorbed in an activity that doesn’t involve an on/off button, everybody just better back off. I mean, I wouldn’t take away your cake ingredients while you were making a cake, right? The kid is making a cake. If he wants your help, he’ll ask for it.

2. CONCENTRATION. You are reading a book and you have just gotten to the most exciting part where you find out who the killer is and….somebody comes and throws your book out the window. I would feel like a crazy person if I knew I couldn’t get sucked into an activity without someone interrupting me or taking my stuff away. Oh wait, I’m a mom. That happens all the time. OK. My mental state is becoming much clearer to me.

3. I won’t throw them under the bus. I’m not going to be the one to take that pivotal lego piece away from my daughter when she’s obviously creating something…very tall. Her legos. Her rules.




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6 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why I Won’t Make My Children Share

  1. artwork234 says:

    omg love it made me laugh it true even as adults we are told sometime to share lol now I’m going to share your post with my friends .an lol

    1. joellewisler says:

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. artwork234 says:

        it funny but so wrong becuse I have autism so sometime I still get talk to like a child .i have candy an I’m out with a group you can’t have your snack unless your going to share .um in my head no why it not my proublem they didn’t bring money or there own stuff .i have said no thank you when ask if I want to share lol

  2. Gay Rushforth says:

    I just read this post…brilliant!
    I’m a granny to a three year old little boy, who I totally adore. Him and his dad (my son) live with me…I’m also embarking on a career in childminding, two reasons why this post is so relevant.

  3. artwork234 says:

    I’m not saying kid shouldn’t learn to share at all .it just not right how it done .if they are playing with a toy they like they don’t have to till it done .they need to learn to be nice to have friends .but I see things like this in daycare an use to think this isn’t right or fair

  4. Hamza Hassan says:

    Hi dearest Joelle,

    I got the chance to read your wonderful article “Real-life skills every parent needs to tell their child,” the other day. It came to me as a bonus from one of the newsletters that usually sends short, inspirational stories around the world and it was about preparing our children to function in the world in which we all live. Needless to say, you are a lovely mother and a talented writer and your writing style is beautiful beyond the words can ever describe. Hope you had a very peaceful and happy Mother’s Day with your children.

    Best wishes,
    Hamza Hassan
    Saudi Arabia

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