Fall around here brings birthdays and soccer and running and enchanted creatures in the forest.


N turned 3.


photo 1 (62)


And monsters have become the thing that gets her out of her bed and into mine WAY too much. But thanks to all of the kind advice from a little Facebook crowdsourcing, here she is with her new Monster Catcher. It seems to working so far.



monster catcher


Now if only it would catch her before she pours entire bottles of fingernail polish into the sink. Or tries to wash her brother’s mirror with lotion. Or empties her entire book shelf to find the book she calls Loudly Loudly. This book (actually called Holler Loudly) is threatening to take me to a dark place. I have been forced to read it at least three times a day for the past two weeks and when I first started to read it, in my innocence, I read it with a really terrible southern accent and now I am also forced to continue to do this. And so, I may have hidden it. But then that backfired with the unloading of the bookshelf.


G is in soccer. The first few games usually start off super slow. But usually by the end of the season the whole team is finally figuring out how to play together and I will admit I get embarrassingly excited whenever anyone gets even close to the goal. There is just something weirdly satisfying about watching your kid kick a ball. This might be the only life situation where we encourage him to be aggressive, which isn’t exactly his go-to demeanor. I mean, he gave his little sister the middle name “Rainbow” right? And he gets a little teary sometimes when Nora hugs him out of the blue. He has to work a little at aggression.


See below.


The kid gets pretty tired out from all the trying and the running and the latent competitiveness that I just know is running through his veins.

photo 1 (63)


Notice the money he has clutched in his hand and the new bling. There is a great little shop in Idaho Springs (right across from the brewery) and G saved his money so he could buy some prayer beads there. I know. He might just be the first Buddhist in our family.

The nice shop owner noticed that N was admiring the hat in the pictures below (probably because she was screaming “I really want dis hat!” very very loudly at one point) and as we walked out the door, he just handed it to her. So yeah, customers for life.

And N learned a valuable life lesson that if she makes a big enough fuss about something, some stranger will give her stuff for free. Just getting her prepared to live here in ‘Merica.

She’s been wearing the hat ever since. Even when it was 80 degrees out.

We also made our way to The Enchanted Forest that our local Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center puts on every Fall at Mud Lake. It’s fun. The guy that is dressed as a bear acts drunk and that is pretty much the highlight for me.

The bus trip to Mud Lake selfie:

photo 3 (55)

Robb hula-hooping and G trying to sneak by him looking like he is pretending not to know him:

Who IS that guy?

Who IS that guy?


The Moose and our tour guide Fairy:

photo 5 (22)


The Bobcat:

photo 4 (43)


And I have been neglecting my blog in favor of training for a Half Marathon that was sadly cancelled at the last minute, writing on my book (!), and well, monster-wrangling. I hope you are all having a wonderful Fall!

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