Like many parents, I am entering into Summer feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

On the one hand I’m like,

“Yay, we get to sleep in!”

But then,

“Holy crap what am I going to do with these children for 82 days.”

Yes. I counted.

So, I had my 7-year-old sit down and make a list of all of the things he wanted to do together this summer.


Here is what he came up with:

1. Go to a hot spring. (His dad has a broken arm so I’m thinking a trip to Glenwood Springs is pretty distant on our family trip list. Sorry, kiddo.)

2. Go to the zoo. (I do this once a year. Once. And the heat and the kid-wrangling and the actual complete disinterest in the animals by my children help me remember why it is only once.)

3. Go to Spruce pool. (He forgot to add the part where he will bug me until I buy him a popsicle and then he will have 2 bites of the popsicle and the rest will melt into a sticky red goop that will keep showing up in random places for the rest of the Summer.)

4. Take a picnic to a really cool place. (Done and done.)

photo 1 (47)

5. Go waterskiing. (He’s awesome. See?)

Showing off already.

Showing off already.

6. Go biking with Mom at Valmont bike park. (I am definitely a distant 2nd choice here. Dad’s broken arm is actually the only thing keeping me in the running.)


Wrists aren’t really supposed to look like that.

7. Make popsicles. (We ended up making a whole day out of this activity. We went to the store for our ingredients, we debated and decided on different flavors, the popsicles’ liquid to solid progress was checked approximately every 5 seconds for 2 hours, and finally each of the children had about…one bite. I am finding that the idea of popsicles is always much more exciting than the actual popsicle. And now there will be frozen fruit in our muffin tin in the freezer until the end of time.)

8. Make stuffed animals out of socks. (This happened. There are about 100 of them. They are all electric eels. Here are three that I could reach just sitting here in my chair. My kid is a creative genius, no? I mean look at the care that went into…stuffing those socks and…drawing stripes.)



9. Plant our garden. (You know, to feed the bunnies and squirrels and birds with carefully tended, fresh budded lettuce and carrots that I will never ever see.)

10. Write poems. (This kid. Seriously. What 7-year-old says they want to “write poems” over Summer break?)

12. Make a lawn elf. (I’m not sure Pinterest has a section for this. I just looked. They do not. I feel like a pioneer here.)

13. Make a doll house for Nora. (Sweet, but I am still haunted by the vacuum box turned super hero castle of 2013 that lived in my house for 6 months.)

14. Play in the fountains on Pearl St. (Also known as toddler rugby. Tackling is encouraged.)

photo 2 (47)

Getting some refreshments before heading back into the game.


15. Ride a real train. (Does the 1880 train in Hill City count? Because I don’t think I am going to be getting on an Amtrak any time soon.)

16. Make homemade ice cream. (I totally remember doing this as a kid. Actually, I totally remember helping put ingredients in some huge contraption and then my parents cursing about how long they had to crank that sucker in order for it make something that resembled ice cream.)

17. Hear someone play music outside. (Does listening to me being forced by the toddler to sing “I’m a little tea-pot” over and over on the deck count?)


He forgot to add:

18. Ask mom constant, meaningful questions during her 5 seconds of mid-toddler-nap, pre-dinner writing time like,  “Are there really two-headed things in the world?” and “Do I have to put sunscreen on my penis if I’m outside naked?”

19. Go naked as much as possible.


20. Continuously spray little sister with the hose when she’s trying to play in her little pool. Cause that’s always a good idea.


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4 thoughts on “June.

  1. traceybecker says:

    #16 is totally doable withOUT the cranking machine. There’s a recipe using baggies and they shake the hell out of it or something. The crafty moms do it with my kids all the time and I’m always grateful.

    1. joellewisler says:

      I am definitely not one of the crafty moms Tracy! And that has to be some serious shaking, right?!

  2. fangboner1 says:

    I love the sunscreen on the penis…Hysterical. Yes… this is why I planned the summer. not the kid… because all of this!

    1. joellewisler says:

      Right? Well, I’m definitely still learning!

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