Thanks for all the birthday wishes-I’m in the 30’s somewhere, somehow.

It has also been just a little over a year since I told anyone I was writing a blog. I had finished a few posts and put them up without ever telling anyone because I was too scared, and Robb said, “So, you are writing a blog, but you aren’t going to tell anyone about it?” And, I was like, “Ummm….yeah?” And then I stressed out and talked to my friend Pam who has an amazing blog and she said, “The first time you put a post up on Facebook, it’s going to feel like you are standing at a party and you just pull your shirt up and flash everyone.”

And it did. And it still kinda does. But I feel like I’m getting braver. The best part is that I don’t feel like I normally remember that much, and this past year I have felt like my focus sharpened and I can remember. So. Much. That is the best part. It has been a great year.

I spent my Birthday week…

1. In the presence of cute kids.


2. And in the presence of their grandparents, rendering me inconsequential to my cute kids.

3. New business = champagne.


4. Cake (from Lucky’s = best husband ever)

My peeps.


5. Fun.

6. Post-run cuddling



7. Robb’s strong commitment to BBQ-ing


8. A few nights on the town. And, you know, some kiddie cocktails.


9. And of course, snow. Always the snow. Forever the snow. Snow.


If this makes you happy, then you should be overjoyed to know that I’m on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and even Pinterest!



4 thoughts on “Birthday! Business! BBQ!

  1. Being inconsequential never felt so good:) Of course I love that I am in this post… Cheers to bravery and another year of great writing!

    1. joellewisler says:

      Thanks Pam! And I never would have even started a blog if it hadn’t been for you, so thanks for all of the words of wisdom and encouragement!

  2. Dakota says:

    *laugh * I love this. I totally feel like I’m jumping up and down and screaming “Look at me!!! Look at meeeee!!!!!!!!!!” when I put something on Facebook. As an otherwise wants-to-hide-in-the-back-row sort of person it’s so ridiculously embarassing.

    1. joellewisler says:

      I know! I am the same way. I walk around embarrassed all day.

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