1. A few handfuls of Do-Overs sprinkled throughout the year. Because then I wouldn’t have a stab wound in the middle of my hand right now from trying to spear the pit of an avocado. On a side note; don’t try to spear the pit of an avocado, especially after you have had a margarita.

2. A Metabolism that kicks into high gear over the holidays, birthday parties, Friday nights and any time chocolate or wine make an appearance.

3. Yoga pants that get worn in to that perfect degree and then stay that way. Forever.

4. A magical lock on my bathroom door that not only locks, but muffles any and all screaming, crying, or whining from the other side of the door.

5. An espresso maker that I can carry around in my pocket.

6. An unprompted “please” or “thank you” from a kid that lives in my house. Either one will do.

7. Courage to get through parenting a two-year-old girl who finds the fastest slide at the playground, the one that launches her off the end every time, and then insists that I stand at least 10 feet away from the bottom of the slide. So that I can’t catch her.

8. Patience to get through parenting a seven-year-old boy whose frontal lobe has not developed properly yet. And who has a very tender heart but I fear for my life if he has something like a boomerang in his hands because he might forget that a boomerang is weapon-like and fling it directly at me.

9. An unwavering commitment to the phrase by Marsha Doble “I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.”

10.Drinks on the beach like this (I’ll post the recipe later this week.)

Grandad’s Old Fashioneds

11. And finally…more days like this;

Happy Holidays!


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2 thoughts on “What Mama Really Wants For Christmas

  1. The photos are perfect.

    Don’t drink and knife…goes without saying 😉 Live and learn, right?

    1. joellewisler says:

      Totally live and learn. And thanks Lizzi!

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