Here are the things that I am thankful for that are not the obvious health, happiness, family and fortunate middle-class sort of things.

I am thankful for fast internet service after spending the week in rural Minnesota.

I am thankful that my daughter is old enough to sit in her own seat on the plane because last week, while flying to Minnesota, I read a magazine. You heard me right, an entire magazine. I had two free hands and I just turned those pages like a boss.

I am thankful that Robb drug me kicking and screaming out into the frozen tundra to run a few days last week. And I really fought him. One day we ran 50 feet apart the whole time because I was so annoyed with his motivation and he was so annoyed with my lack of. I would have literally waddled home without those few tortuous runs and I’m thankful.

I am thankful that, now that we are home from Thanksgiving, I get to see my son’s face once again. Apparently his cousins are way more entertaining than us;

I am thankful that NaNoWriMo is done for the year. It was crazy. It was fun. It took over my life. It’s done.

I am thankful for this story; when Nora and her Papa were drawing circles last week she said Bee-boo! and so he wrote down Bee-boo next to the picture. When I walked by and saw what he had written down I asked Nora to show Papa what a Bee-boo was and she pointed with two hands to the front of her chest and grinned happily. “Bee-boos!” And then poor Papa was mortified and now I have a funny story to tell forever…and ever.


Drawing Bee-Boos with Papa

I am thankful that the Vikings won on Sunday. I wouldn’t say that I am a Vikings fan, but I watched the game in Minnesota with all of my purple-clad relatives and they were very happy.

I am thankful that I pretty much unplugged from the interwebs for the entire week.

I am thankful for those rare Indiana Jones sightings….look!


I am thankful that it appears that Gray has forgotten about the Rainbow Loom for the moment. My cold-dead-rubber-band-picking-up-fingers crossed.

I am thankful for online shopping, studded snow tires and a warm house because it’s going to be a high of 7 degrees on Thursday and Friday. What. Just what.

I am thankful that Nora communicates so clearly now;

Chocolate cake…yes!


Pumpkin pie…no!


I am thankful that I am finally done watching Breaking Bad. It was really hard to watch someone make that many bad decisions, over and over and over.

I am thankful that I have to make my own food again. This is because I am lazy and I won’t eat as much.

I am thankful that I got Nora’s new “mad” look documented:


And okay, I have to put a couple of obvious ones in…I am especially thankful that we got to meet the newest member of our family…oh my god she is the sweetest little thing ever and oh my heart, just look at her.

And getting half of our whole family together once again…good stuff.



If this makes you happy, then you should be overjoyed to know that I’m on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and even Pinterest!

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