Not amused

1. Salad.

2. Her Dad pouring her milk for her.

3. Clothes on her baby dolls. Or herself. Clothes in general.

4. Me carrying her blanket down the stairs. Oh wait…now me not carrying her blanket down the stairs.



5. Worms.

6. The song “Titanium.” She is more of a Yonder Mountain String Band kinda girl.

7. Anyone trying to dance on the same floor as her.

8. Not getting to push her own miniature grocery cart in the store when we are in a hurry. Whoever invented those was not a nice or rational person.

9. Me opening the computer. Or touching the computer. Or me looking in the general direction of the computer.

photo 4 (12)

10. Not being able to hug and kiss and hold every baby she ever sees.

11. Dinnertime; dinner food, sitting at dinner, having to try different types of dinner, sitting next to her brother at dinner, having to go to her room for a while because she can’t stop crying at dinner.

12. Any character on Sesame street that is not Elmo. Just a bunch of time wasters.

13. Not having Halloween candy for breakfast.

14. Not getting to draw on her brother’s homework.

15. Me helping her out of the car because I have to go the bathroom and it takes her approximately 25 minutes to exit the car on her own.

16. Cuddling before breakfast. It goes eating…then cuddling. Because, you know, she didn’t eat any dinner so she’s starving.

17. Getting stuck. Which happens approximately 25 times a day.

photo 3 (17)

Number 24 of 25 for the day.

18. Meat.

19.  Holding hands in the parking lot. Or on the stairs or in public.

20. And…me trying to get her to stand still so it looks like she’s in a coffee mug.

photo 1 (24)

Really mom? We’re going to do this now?


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4 thoughts on “Twenty Things My Two-year-old Does Not Like

  1. Hilarious. “A bunch of time wasters” might be my favorite part.

  2. Valerie says:

    Wahaha! Totally funny. And so so true. Most of those could have been for my own daughter when she was 2.

  3. #7 had me cracking up. Great post. Enjoyed reading this one.

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