I remember the exact moment that Gray learned to ride his bike without training wheels. Probably because I took about 2 hours of video. We were in California visiting my parents and I had taken him out to a grassy area at the local playground on a Dora bike that my mom had found at a garage sale. I bit my nails and tried to will his bike to stay up with the power of my mind.

By the end of the day he was doing this:

I don’t know why I was so nervous. First kid thing, I’m sure. Nora will probably just get hucked down our gravel hill someday (and like it.)

So, occasionally I work on a weekend day or go to yoga on Sunday morning and Robb and the kids do all sorts of fun things like go to our local coffee shop where Gray has an underground donut selling business, or they do their best to fill the local fishing pond with rocks, or Nora has even been known to dabble in petty theft by stealing 5 dollar baby dolls from Ace Hardware (she stole a bottle too so at least she was planning a bit for the future.) But generally they don’t wear their coats and they eat pop rocks and they participate in other forms of debauchery when mom isn’t there.

This weekend I found them at the skate park in town. And Gray has graduated to doing this on his bike:

Watch Ma! Umm...no thanks.

Watch Ma! Umm…no thanks.

And Nora was dressed in her brothers old batman t-shirt and using the skate ramp as a slide.  

They were having the kind of great time that only a Dad would have thought of having. The kind of fun you can only have without coats. Or Mom, apparently. I’m okay with that.


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3 thoughts on “Boys and Bikes

  1. Hahahaha!! That’s awesome. I really need to remember WWJD when Dan is in charge. (What Would Joelle Do)

  2. joellewisler says:

    You crack me up, Pam! Can we talk about the outfits they put them in? He is getting better at doing her hair though.

  3. HI! Looks like we are “neighbors”! Love what I have read here 🙂

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