This is a creepy place

We hiked to Rainbow Lakes this weekend. This is a great hike for little people. Not too long, not too hard, with lakes to play in and boulders to climb. We saw fresh moose tracks and, because of all our rain, an amazing variety of mushrooms.

And then Grayson took us off past the real hike on a trail that didn’t look quite as worn and we found this area that you see in the above picture.

I have been to places like this before. Places that just feel like some crazy shit went down or that there is a large animal watching from the sidelines (again, a bit of a mountain lion phobia there). We did see a huge pile of bear crap so there was definitely the possibility of large animal creatures around. It was creepy. And I am not a huge fan of creepy. I can’t even watch the commercials that advertise scary movies.

Gray insisted that a fairy had brought us there to show us its house:


Fairy house

I was imagining a large fairy with very sharp teeth that was considering having us for lunch.

And that’s exactly the reason why I can’t watch scary movies.

We did get rained on a bit at the end because our six-year-old fell in one of the rivers, thus making his feet too wet and heavy to move any faster than, well, a six-year-old with wet feet. He got so far behind us that at one point we hid behind a tree and watched him freak a bit. A surprisingly effective technique. I remember my own mom doing the same thing to me in a mall once so this brand of lets-freak-the-shit-out-of-our-kid parenting must be genetic.


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One thought on “How to Scare the Crap Out of Yourself during a Friendly Family Hike

  1. beingnenne says:

    ha ha! I pull the trick on my lil Z all the time and fail miserably too. The point is to freak them out a little but he did not even notice that we were missing..Oh well. I always used to freak out when my folks pulled it on me..Oh well..Anyways your pics tell a different story to your post. You dont look one bit creeped out in the pic. Everyone looks happy and curious as they should be on a fun hike..

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