Yesterday was weird. My to-do list was one of those that even I cracked up over, like, there is no way I was getting all of that done. Yet I still wrote it out and tortured myself with it throughout the day like the overachiever/unrealistic list writer that I am.

Things, of course, started going crazy. But following every crazy moment, it seemed like there was an equally peaceful moment that I didn’t expect, so then I would kinda forget how frazzled I had felt just moments before. When Robb asked me how our day was, I was like, “I’m not sure?”

It began with me rushing around gathering up a bunch of old toys and things that the kids don’t use, tearing through closets and making piles to go to the Salvation Army. The kids, of course, all of a sudden loved all of those things that they hadn’t played with, well, ever. It was chaos, there were toys singing in loud annoying voices (thus confirming their place in the Big Plastic Bag) and the house was a huge mess and the kids were hollering at each other over all of that stuff that they have never wanted for one second of their life until their sibling had it in their hands.

Nora: “Mine!”

Gray: “No, Nora!”

Nora: “Mine!” 

Gray: “NORA! Don’t hit!”

Nora: “Mine!”

You get the gist. I wasn’t sure if we were going to survive getting out of the house. Then we went to story hour and Nora continued to wreak havoc by trying to climb all of the chairs and tables and window sills and tear through all of the story-teller’s props while telling her a generalized “No!” whenever she paused while reading. The chaos continued.

Then we went to lunch.  And…they both sat there…in their own chairs…and ate…and giggled…and shared their food….and were completely pleasant human beings. There was even a nicely dressed older couple who didn’t actually stop to tell me how well-behaved my children were being, but I could tell they were thinking it. They were probably just too shy to come over.

Then we went shopping. For school supplies. And this is never fun because you spend a crap-load of money and there are all of these other families standing around with their own wrinkled lists in their hands, arguing over sparkly vs. non-sparkly folders and glue sticks and dry erase markers.

And then we had to get Gray some new shoes and the kids were running wild through REI and Gray actually hid under the bench when the shoe lady came back because he is six and six-year-olds are weird. So I threatened him with his life to come out and try to be a normal person and the shoe lady brought out about 5,000 pairs of shoes and he picked out…the exact same pair of shoes he had on his feet when coming into the store except a size bigger. And I felt annoyed and sweaty and Gray was still being socially awkward and absolutely wouldn’t speak to anyone when they asked him what grade he was going to be in and if he was excited for school while Nora talked to EVERYONE and even said “HI! BYE!” to the person we parked next to and a friendly old lady in the bathroom.

And, I was like, these kids are insane! How did they get to be so insane! And then we drove away and Gray said quietly in the back, “Thanks for my new shoes, Mama.” And then we got the best parking spot at the grocery store and practically everything that I wanted to buy was on sale and when we got home I just sat in the driveway for a few minutes looking back at their adorable, sleeping faces and I decided to keep them after all.

I ended up making the best white turkey chili ever and everything was great.

Of course Gray didn’t eat the turkey chili until we stopped calling it “turkey chili” and started calling it “chicken soup” because chili is too spicy but he likes chicken soup.


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