The first group of pics are at my sister’s cabin in Northern MN. We had a couple of days with just the four of us. We explored the Cuyuna mountain bike trail system a little more and Robb caught a huge dogfish and we swam in the lake and lounged on the deck and slept in late in this pitch black room in the back of the house where we would all stumble out, bleary-eyed and confused into the 9:00 o’clock daylight every day.

Next we headed to our yearly college get together with some of my favorite people in the world. We sat and talked about ideas and played Farkle and drank and ate the most amazing food (like homemade Baklava made by Sarah-holy shit!) and sang while Nate played the guitar and came up with names for Jody and Mike’s next little one and went on runs armored with bug spray and played on the boat and skied and read Nicole’s (Her blog, she’s incredible, her next book Stillwater comes out early 2014) beautiful (and sometimes racy) words and watched our kids play together (and maybe eat Miracle Gro together, in their defense it does look like blue sugar and we called Poison Control and if ingested in small amounts they will be fine) then we cuddled with our kids and celebrated birthdays and made bonfires for marshmallows and read trashy magazines and solved all the world’s problems. Whew. Pictures below thanks to the talented Jodi Carr and Nicole Helget.


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2 thoughts on “The Lake-Parts 2 and 3 Photo Montage

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I like how the pictures tell a story — “We had FUN!!!”

  2. pam9090 says:

    This sounds fabulous. And that pic of the paella is making me hungry!

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