July takes us to Northern Minnesota to lake-hop around to see family and friends. This year we spent the Fourth of July week at my sister’s cabin, then we head over for our college get together next weekend. These two weeks usually hold some of my favorite times of the year. No schedule. The kids are filled up with popsicles and swimming. We catch frogs. We let babies swim naked. We find secret sandy coves to swim in. We roast hot dogs. We stay up late. We get one million mosquito bites.

We run and breathe in the swamp-like substance that people call air out here.

Like this morning. Robb found the Cuyuna Lakes State Trail system right outside of Ironton, MN when he was researching whether or not he should bring his bike. He didn’t, so the two of us ran early this morning while the rest of the house slept. We drank our electrolyte, stopped at a gas station for bad coffee, then drove out into the foggy morning and ran. And ran and ran. It was one of those runs that felt like a video game, up and down and around while dodging rocks. Our lungs are so used to being in the high desert that I felt a bit like we were drowning in the jungle. But when a guy on a bike came up behind us and said “Man, you guys were killing it up that hill!” I didn’t let on that I was actually dying. I guess he hadn’t heard me hollering thirty seconds before,  “I need air in my lungs, not water damn it!”

And today, Gray learned how to water ski. He was so proud of himself. He got up on his second try- and then after that-all by himself from the middle of the lake. It’s so much fun to watch him enjoy something that I have loved for a big part of my life.

When can I go again, when can I go again?!


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