Yesterday was the first Wednesday in 8 weeks that we haven’t had snow. No wonder I was starting to feel a little ohmygodI’mgoingtogofreakingstircrazy-crazy. So we ventured out on a hike with Grammy and Papa today, Gray on a mission to document “nachr.” These are the things that he saw and documented (in only a way that a Geologist and Forester’s grandson could); clouds, a bush, a pine cone, a butterfly, hummingbirds, the sun, the sky, a log, and me. Sweet kid. He sits on the log and serenely writes down everything and cuddles into his Papa. The sun catches on branches as it shines its face on our winter-weary faces.

Meanwhile, amidst the bliss, we have a ground storm occurring around us in the form of an over-tired toddler. If I could articulate what Nora’s experience in the woods was today, it would probably go something like this;

Oooh! yogurt! Bubba has yogurt and I don’t, it’s MY yogurt! Screech!!!! Oh, there’s Grammy, I love Grammy so so much, I have to hug her but I have to get down now and see this and this and this and he’s trying to eat MY yogurt! Screech!!!! And I really want to walk now, but NO! I want up, I mean, obviously I want down now and I want my binky and I want my Grammy and I DO NOT want to hold your hand, I definitely want down and NO!!!! UP in the carrier! I can’t walk, what the @#$%&* are you talking about! Screech!!!!!


Yowza. On the up side I am pretty sure I have figured out a sure-fire way to keep mountain lions and every other living being away from us while hiking.


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2 thoughts on “A Walk in The Woods

  1. Pam says:

    Beautiful! I’m glad your little whirlwind crashed and burned so you could have a chance to document this:)

    1. joellewisler says:

      She slept for three hours today!

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