Nora is growing fangs.

Bright angry spots dot her top and bottom gums where these fangs are coming in. After experiencing the birth of eye teeth for a second time in one of my children, I am compelled to make the argument that this is where some of our vampire legends come from. She sleeps more during the day, she bit her brother “ON PURPOSE”, she refuses to eat human food, she zones out (plotting against us?) and lately she is just really annoyed with the human species. Examples of things that have ticked her off include me putting her cup of milk in front of her (she threw the cup), me telling her to stop eating the brown snow (she threw the snow and herself), and her brother getting off of his chair beside her (she screeched and flailed her arms at him).

And she nearly hyperventilated when she saw the red shoes that I might wear to our Listen To Your Mother Show (In Boulder!) (On Sunday!) (Only 2 tickets left!)

Like gasping breaths of air in and out until She. Had. Them. On. Her. Feet.

Very vampy of her.



I’m not really sure that vampires are afraid of worms, though, and she is for sure afraid of worms. Freaking out, does not want to touch it, get it out of her face, grossed out by worms.



And yesterday we spent the afternoon at the playground and she didn’t melt so I guess that’s good.


If this makes you happy, then you should be overjoyed to know that I’m on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and even Pinterest!

3 thoughts on “The Tiny Vampire in My Home

  1. Margaret A Shurr says:

    Another “great!” Jo! Brightened my day. Can hardly wait to see you all~

    MOM Grammy

  2. Pam says:

    This is hilarious! And you wondered what you would ever write about again:) Silly blogger!

  3. Pam says:

    PS I am digging the shoes. Your lil vamp has good taste!

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