If you don’t know who Gregory Alan Isakov is, you should. His music is amazing. His songs feel nostalgic the first time you hear them. And by the 50th time, they are woven into your bones. I listened to him when Nora was a newborn and I can still feel that new baby loveliness when I hear his music.

Like this song;

So about a month ago, while enjoying my birthday celebration with my girlfriends, we were cozied into my friend Rebecca’s house (hence the pajamas) and the wine was flowing, I got the chance to meet him (a long story that included a mountain recording studio and everyone in the world knowing how much I love his music). I actually told him that I had a Pandora station dedicated to him, that I was his hugest fan in the whole wide world, and probably 10 other things that I should be really embarrassed about, like, “Wow! You know all about high elevation gardening? How do you keep the rabbits from eating your lettuce?”

Oh geez. Any social awkwardness that I have gets amplified when meeting someone famous (I once asked Susan Sarandon if she knew if there was anybody in the bathroom at a bar). Anyway, Gregory Alan Isakov (I feel weird writing just his first name) was sweet and gracious and it just made me love his music even more.

Here’s another one of my favorites;

And it is May 1st today. And I am looking out my window at about a foot of snow. Just in case anybody was wondering.


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