It’s two weeks until Boulder’s first Listen To Your Mother show, and I have written the words above about 500 times as my co-producer, Pam, and I try to promote the show and get people excited about Ann Imig’s vision. I, myself, am feeling barely rested and a little beastly this week.

The beauty in my week was our second rehearsal (pictures and blog post coming soon on our site).  I am finding that it is really difficult to explain how it feels to sit in a room with people who you have only met a few times and have everyone stand up and tell these amazingly intimate stories about their lives, their bodies, their heartbreaks, and their triumphs. And motherhood. And each cast member is choosing to share their story with their neighbors, friends and yes, lots of strangers. It is a simple concept, yet it is so beautiful. Even the young cameraman who showed up to take pictures for the newspaper (and had absolutely no idea what he was getting into) stayed for the entire rehearsal. You can buy your own ticket to the show here.

Snippets of my week include my own motherhood marching along;

1.Toddler yoga at Tadasana Mountain Yoga; the cutest thing in the world might be watching a 19 month old try to do warrior pose.

2. My six-year-old’s concern (and hysterical crying) that he just might starve to death at the exact moment I start a thirty minute phone conference with the Daily Camera.

3. When I asked Grayson what he did at recess he said excitedly “we played Kitties vs. Transformers!” WTF?

4. Nora getting her “no” on. No, she would not like to….take a nap, have soup, get dressed, go to the store, dance with her clothes on, change her diaper, sit on her chair, or give me my phone.

5. Also, remembering the beach with the kiddos last week:


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One thought on “The Beauty, The Beast and the Barely Rested…

  1. Pamela Sinel Moore says:

    OMG you are SUCH A GOOD WRITER!!!! Love reading your blog.

    On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 12:53 PM, joellewisler

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