Every parent knows this moment. I had strategically planned my day to induce maximum sleepiness in my toddler. I love her, I do, but those 2-3 uninterrupted hours in the afternoon to sleep, look at Facebook, read blogs write and clean my home are like what chocolate and cupcakes must be for the Paleo-er (Paleo-ite?).

So, I planned my day to include all of my tried and true toddler sleep-inducing items.

First off, Exercising Her Mind. Today included Nora spending the morning trying to mimic every single thing that her amazing and talented older brother did; extreme hammock swinging, invisible animal wrestling, stuffing rocks in her pockets and applying lotion to her hair.

Next up was, Exercising Her Body. Today, she did the outdoor stair climber followed by slide repetitions, with sets of both swing time calisthenics and teeter totter squats.

And finally, I added the Strategic Belly Fill, timed so that the moment we arrived home from dropping her brother off at kindergarten, she would feel the maximum sleepiness effect.

And then. Two minutes before we arrived home, in an unprecedented gap in my concentration from singing Old MacDonald for the two thousandth time in a row to keep her eyes open until the appropriate laying-her-down-in-her-bed-moment….

She Fell Asleep.

And fell asleep hard. Binky fallen out, head lolling, adorable pigtails puffed around her head, drool pooling in the corner of her mouth, asleep.

So. She is young enough that I am still pretty confident in my mad car seat to bed transfer skillz . But all of sudden a horrible thought came into my head. Had I changed her diaper? Oh crap.

Now my moment of decision comes. And at this moment, this decision feels about as big as which wire to cut or whether or not you should really eat that questionable cheese. Do I change the diaper and risk her waking up from the soundest sleep of her life which will ultimately result in her not falling asleep maybe ever again because, damn, she is ASLEEP. And in toddler time 5 minutes of sleeping in the car somehow magically equals to a 2 hour nap minus the pleasant attitude upon awakening. OR, do I let her sleep in a soggy diaper, risking that she will wake up in, like, twenty minutes because her butt is wet and uncomfortable.

Well, I risked it all folks. And I must have figured out the sleepiness formula pretty great today, because she actually slept through the entire diaper change, sweater doffing, me dropping my mug of tea on the wood floor resulting in the loudest sound probably ever heard, and finally me having to sneak back into her room 10 minutes after laying her down to get the diaper bag with the cell phone in it with the ringer on high. Whew.


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One thought on “To Change the Diaper or To Not Change the Diaper…That is the Question

  1. Pam says:

    Whoa that is like toddler bedroom espionage. You should give high priced workshops on this stuff. And about the cheese- the answer is always yes. Just cut off the gross part:)

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