We spent the week at The Lone Tree Farm. Our children and their cousins are the 6th generation to play on the banks of the Kanaranzi Creek. They climbed the broken down Box Elder trees and scavenged for arrowheads and fossils along the creek bed. They searched for leprechauns and fairies and hunted ogres in plum thickets.

I learned a lot while I was there.

I learned how to be lazy. And that gravel in the driveway can be a wondrous thing to a toddler with a bucket. And that trees can be Power Ranger rocket ships. I learned that you can ride a cow if it’s there and it doesn’t mind being ridden. That swinging on a swing is more adventurous if you add a hula hoop and some well-timed jumping. That rocks with holes in them are magical talisman to keep you safe while traveling. That a toddler can entertain herself for three hours in the middle of the night singing “La, la, la, mama, la, la, la” if she is woken up at the wrong time. That running a single-track can sometimes mean dodging cow poop instead of rocks. That slowing life down a bit feels good. That if you are 18 months old, you can be both fascinated and repulsed by too-friendly barn cats. That Grammy makes the best cinnamon rolls. That Extreme Porch Sitting is a thing and Papa is a world champion. And finally, if you are TOO lazy and indulge in TOO many cinnamon rolls you should be dodging a lot more cow poop.


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2 thoughts on “What I learned at The Lone Tree Farm

  1. Pam says:

    Love that you can ride a cow if its there and doesn’t mind being ridden. While you were discovering this I was stuck in regular life mode with no porch swings or cinnamon rolls, fearing for my life when I saw a bunch of cows on the So Bo creek trail! Maybe they aren’t as territorial as I feared.

  2. Joan Meyer says:

    Hey Jo: Think I would have loved Lone Tree Farm. Especially with your kids! So sorry to be missing you all this month. Hope you have a sunny, germ-free time out here. And as “instructive” as those 6 hours at the airport were, hope for a little less instruction. (The best part of that whole piece was your positive angle! I can remember Willy regaling us with hysterical stories about horrendous experiences, but in that case he was always the comic victim. I love that you refuse to be one!)

    We’re all packed with only the house/watering left to conquer. Kitties will be boarded to save on rugs and worry. (Remy is a good citizen just as long as we’re in our proper places at the proper times. I’ve figured out it’s feline OCD. Maybe all cats have that?!!!) Don is sad to be leaving his two beloved projects in the garage, except when he looks at the spaghetti snarled, disconnected and spray painted (?) wiring behind the MG dash. Then he’s glad to be escaping!

    Hope you got your B-day goodie and enjoy that author. I read her novel recently and it’s literally “haunting”. Will send it your way if you like her and see what you think. I have a couple of problems with it I’d love to talk to you about. Much love, Aunt J.

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