Nora has officially entered that unpredictable yet hilarious stage of life called toddlerhood. For her, it is a blissful stage where she can follow every impulse without a moments thought and people will redirect her but ultimately support her, a stage where there will be a level of understanding from her family that will not be seen again until she is at least 97. She is making the most of it.

What we have seen from our toddler this week; she pooped in the tub (this was after she had created a soft-boiled egg ‘hat’), she found a new octave of screech when her brother takes something away from her (or stands too close to her, or looks at her, or breaths), and she now has an entire repertoire of animal noises at her disposal. Additionally, she can both twinkle her stars during Twinkle, Twinkle and bust a serious move to Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies.

Nora has also recently mastered the art of “flailing.” This is a skill that comes in handy for toddlers when their mommies are trying to move them from one place to another, usually during prime “discovery” time. Flailing is an active skill where the toddlers four limbs must move simultaneously yet in different directions. It is most likely accompanied by the aforementioned screech. “Flailing” is not to be confused with “noodling” which is the fine art form of becoming completely limp and is usually seen when trying to get your toddler into their car seat after they have clearly let it be known that they don’t want to leave the park, like, ever.

Some days, Nora needs to be touching a part of me the entire day and I am texting Robb at 2:30 ‘So, what time are you coming home, again?’. But then there are days like yesterday when she was perfectly content to transport and stack wooden blocks all day into the cardboard beer carrier that she stole from the recycling bin. I found myself in the unusual position of bugging her for cuddles. It’s like we are both trying to find that comfortable level of independence from one another at the same time.

On a final note, wouldn’t it be tough to go through this many emotions in 30 seconds?

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7 thoughts on “Toddlers, or… tiny, crazy people

  1. Pam says:

    Love this! Your description of it, not that you are living with a tiny crazy person. I have so much to look forward to…

    1. joellewisler says:

      You are my first comment Pam! Wow, I really am a newbie.

  2. Sharla says:

    Great Job, Jo! Love this description of both her actions and your feelings. It truly is a bittersweet time1

  3. Jen says:

    Love it!! Your descriptions are right on and hilarious.

  4. aka Jules says:

    yes…. i know noodling all too well. for us, it is when everyone is past the point of tired and we are trying to get pajamas on. It’s like dressing a drugged cat. Hugs!!

  5. We are so in that place too! My littlest one is about to turn 17 months in a….oh wait, she is 17 months now. Time sure flies doesn’t it. She has entered into the tantrum stage and out of my other 3, she is the spiciest little one we have had!

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