Winter has been late to come this year. Which means we were able to use our trails for longer than normal but it has been a bit disconcerting as well. Our first real Winter here 6 years ago we had about 30 inches of snow every week for 6 weeks, a newborn, and no snow tires. I didn’t even own a pair of snow boots. Our parents thought we were insane. I thought we were insane. We hauled groceries up our hill on a sled and my mother was terrified I was going to drop the baby in a snow bank. Well, I didn’t. And we survived.

It took us a few years to figure out that in order to make Winter life in the mountains more enjoyable, we should own snow boots, studded snow tires and frequently pay someone to plow our driveway.

Now, I love the feeling of waking up and feeling the heaviness of the air outside, and just knowing.

Yesterday, Nora sported wings and played with snakes, pretty much a complete statement to who she is right now. Today, she is playing with trains and dancing with Tupperware on her head. Toddlerhood is in full swing.

I am making buffalo chili, with the ground buffalo that we get for anniversary present every year from Robb’s parents. This is the best present ever. It lasts us an entire year and once we even met the buffalo from the ranch, Prairie Heights Bison, in Southern MN. (see pictures above)

Here’s to snowy trails and soup.

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