I had the thought the other day that my parenting style and running style are kinda the same. Kind of a fly by the seat of your pants, willy-nilly, wing it kinda style. Free range.

My friends think that I am a super calm mom, but sometimes I think that I just don’t know enough to panic at appropriate moments or that I am just really lazy and panicking sounds like too much of an effort. If something happens, like Gray biting it while biking or Nora climbing on a chair, fence, safety gate or pretty much any other vertical object, someone will often look at me and say, “You are being so calm!” I immediately think to myself, while now trying to further emit a calm exterior, “Should I be freaking out right now? I will make sure and call my more experienced mothers hotline (My mother, sister, mother-in-law or friend Michelle who is an uber-mother of 4) and figure out if I should be freaking out right now.

I was the new mother who had never really babysat (minus that one time that I was the last babysitting resort for a couple down the road and had the sole responsibility of taking care of a sick toddler, plus give him? her? antibiotics and spilled said antibiotic all over the tentacled octopus child instead of actually getting it into their mouth) or had even held a newborn except for brief stints with my nieces and nephews. I truly didn’t know what I was doing when I brought my son Grayson home 6 years ago. So I winged it. And, fortunately for me, he is just naturally a calm and collected kid and my husband and I get to take all the credit. I keep thinking that Nora might unravel that myth though so we will probably keep her locked up till she’s 18 so we can continue to look like amazing parents.

Running has always been that way for me too. Winging it. I have tried to track miles in the past but that is about it. I really have no idea how fast I run or most often how far. I know that I am running more consistently lately than I have in a while b/c I do log which days I run and with who. Dogs and humans count. And I have trained for a few races which take a little more organized effort. But for me, I have found that obsessiveness (which I am occasionally prone too) with running takes a lot of the pleasure out of it for me. I am most happy just going as fast and as far as I feel like that day.

So here’s to  free range running and parenting and hoping that it all comes out all right in the end.


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